Friday, October 28, 2011

Buffalo Nfiniti Dual-Band Wireless Router: Double your Draft-11n Wi-Fi fun

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Routing Performance

I put the AG through our suite of router tests, and the results are shown in Table 1.

Test DescriptionThroughput – (Mbps)
WAN – LAN201
LAN – WAN187
Total Simultaneous192
Firmware Version1.46
Table 1: Routing throughput

This puts it in second place in our Router Performance Charts, right behind the D-Link DIR-655. Figure 9 shows what the throughput variation looks like on the simultaneous routing test.

Simultaneous throughput test results
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Figure 9: Simultaneous throughput test results

But those of you hoping to put the AG into service for BitTorrent or other P2P filesharing will be a bit disappointed with its ability to support simultaneous connections. I was able to reliably achieve only 64 simultaneous (32 up, 32 down) connections. This is much better than the Belkin N1′s unusually low 10, but less than the D-Link DIR-655′s 120.

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